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Made in partnership with  Brazil’s first independent Gin distillery  Amazzoni Gin, ARAN was conceived  with the intention of bringing the interaction, energy and the cocktail and mixology experience into the home and other shared spaces.


It was proposed as a mobile bar for Amazzoni Gin to use at social events which could also be purchased by clients for their own personal use.


The choice of materials and layout were designed to optimise for practicality and user friendliness while maintaining a sleek and elegant design with transportable dimensions. Though compact,  ARAN  can accommodate numerous bottles and glasses while also having a compartment for an ice bucket and utensils alongside a preparation area.

It’s overall aesthetic makes it a striking piece that is imposing yet delicate and sets it apart from traditional drinks cabinets  or home bars.


Handmade in Cumaru and brass details.

108 x 50 x 95 cm (Length X Width X Height) 

Free delivery within Brazil

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