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About knot + nó

Knót (ki-no-ti) is the meeting of design, beauty and simplicity hand crafted in solid hard-woods.

It was formed between Brazilian architect Renata Gutierrez (nó) and British woodworker James Rowland (knot), both passionate about the forms, tones and textures of wood.

Our focus is on simple lines, quality materials and natural finishes. All of our pieces are handmade using traditional woodworking methods to create timeless contemporary pieces that not only need to be seen but also felt.

This takes place in Paraty Brazil, the city in which we chose to live and work where we have a well-equipped workshop and a charming studio overlooking the seafront in the historic centre.

Foto: @leofaria



Silver in A’Design Award 2018 | Canela para dois

Silver in A’Design Award 2018 | Canela

Bronze in A’Design Award 2018 | Triz mirim

Iron in A’Design Award 2018 | Komodo

Iron in A’Design Award 2018 | Pendú

Finalist Prêmio Salão Design 2018 | Komodo

Finalist Prêmio Salão Design 2017 | Pendú

Free delivery within Brazil

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