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Caverna | Chair


The Caverna collection is directly inspired by our daily environment and the gentle sway of the sea. It draws from the depths of the waters, the essence of caiçara culture, and the long-standing artisanal traditions found in the shipyards of Paraty. This unique setting inspired us with its diverse craftsmanship, rich stories, and forms that influence our design, reflecting the lines that shape the hydrodynamics of boat hulls.

The chair is crafted in the likeness of nautical frames, in a succession of curved pieces that together compose a comfortable seat. Made of solid Freijó wood, each piece has its own unique composition of natural tones and patterns.

With brass details and a satin finish, this chair is intended exclusively for indoor use.

46 x 50 x 84 cm (Width x Depth x Height) | 5 kg.

Seat height: 44 cm.

Free delivery within Brazil

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