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Komodo is a statement of functionality, a nightstand that has been stripped back to its most minimalist elements. It is strikingly simple yet uniquely original. Being wall mounted, Komodo frees up floor space usually occupied by the traditional four legs, it also means that it can be installed at any height depending on the style of bed it accompanies. It was designed with various angles in mind in order to reduce it to the most basic structure necessary to accommodate overnight items.


Installation is simple with it being mounted via two screws that slot into its rear remaining hidden, the manual provided includes a template for the screw positions.


Made from Freijó and Muirapiranga with a natural finish of oil and wax.

Komodo - 44 x 33 x 15 cm (Length X Width X Height) | 5kg

Komodo Açu - 60 x 38.5 x 20 cm (Length X Width X Height) | 8kg

Free delivery within Brazil

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